Sugarloaf Sustainable Farms is committed to providing high quality, nutritious locally grown food through a diversified sustainable farming operation which values ecologically responsible, land healing, soil building, and water conserving agricultural practices that connect us intimately with our neighboring communities; human, plant & animal alike, for the betterment of all.

What's Special About Our Farms, Our Animals & Our Products?

  • Sustainability = Environmentally, Ecologically & Economically
  • Top Notch, Superior Animal Genetics (No Short Cuts!)
  • Animals Are Pasture Grazed In Their Natural Environment
  • Supplemental Grain is ALWAYS NON-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • No Added Antibiotics or Hormones
  • No Nitrate Added Curing Available
  • MSG Free & Gluten Free Available
  • Dairy Processed at Certified Kosher Facility
  • Premier High Component Milk Processed Using Low Temperature Pasteurization

About Products & Animals

Beef: Our pasture raised black Angus beef are rotationally grazed through our highly productive, Non-GMO grass fields allowing them continuous access to forage, fresh air and exercise. These animals experience all that it means to a beef in it's natural, grazing environment. The animals are always handled with care & respect, and are processed and packaged by a USDA certified facility.

Poultry: Our pasture raised CornishRock X chickens are moved daily for exercise and fresh grass while also receiving supplemental Non-GMO feed.

Pork: We raise high quality "Berkshire" hogs to ensure a superior eating experience for our clients. Our forest finished hogs rotationally graze, root and wallow in wooded areas better known as their natural environment. This allows the animal continues access to forage, fresh air and exercise thus fulling their ability to be a pig everyday of their life. Our hogs also receive access to supplemental Non-GMO feed, thus eliminating their risk for developing the negative effects of "Genetically Modified Organisms". The animals are always handled with care & respect, and are processed and packaged by a USDA certified facility.

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